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Dearest Santa

Would you listen and lend an ear
'Cause I only come around once a year
And this is for a very special cause
My name is Santa Claus

One Christmas Eve, I visited a home
Where children lived who've no home of their own
And though I brought them gifts galore
This is what one asked me for

"Dearest Santa, I don't want toys
Or choo-choo trains with lots of noise
I want a home like other boys
Christmas Day

"Dearest Santa, I will be
Just as good as I can be
If you'll give me a family
Christmas Day

"I'm so lonesome, I'm so blue
Is there somethin' you can do? oh

"Please, dear Santa, don't ignore
This little boy who's begging for
A mother whom he'll just adore
Christmas Day

"I would be so proud and glad
If I could just say, 'Meet my dad,' so

"Please, dear Santa, heed my quest
And tell them I'll behave my best
That if they'd take me, they'll be blessed
Christmas Day."

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