Christmas Carol

Like a fixture down on Main Street, she stood there all year long
With a tin cup and a tambourine, singing Christmas songs
Folks thought she was crazy, but they loved to hear her sing
Drop some money in her cup, and she'd shake that tambourine

And they called her Christmas Carol
there's not a Christmas song she couldn't sing
I remember Christmas Carol
With her snow-white hair and her beat-up tambourine

She wore that same old ragged coat, all the year around
Lived all alone in a little shack, just outside of town
She'd stand there singing Jingle Bells, in the heat of the summertime
Yes, everyday was Christmas, in Carol Johnson's mind


But I can still remember, that twinkle in her eye
Cause Carol kept a secret, from the people passin' by
That secret was a mystery, they'd talked about so long
How each Christmas Eve those gifts showed up, outside the Children's Home

That was 40 years ago, or 50 I believe
But still those toys keep showin' up, each year on Christmas Eve
I wonder if we'll ever know, just who took up the cause
Is it still Christmas Carol, or is it Santa Claus



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